John Meaney, RLA, ASLA

Landscape Architect



University of Virginia John Paul Jones Arena

Charlottesville, Virginia


Challenged with creating an infrastructural system aimed at meeting the comprehensive stormwater management goals for the next decade of development at The University of Virginia, the site design of the JPJ integrated site and regional hydrology with ecology and cultural programming. The design illustrates how stormwater moves through both the man-made portions of the University and the natural landscape, showcasing site systems that would otherwise be marginalized in an attempt at management.




Construction: Completed 2006

Site Area: 26.2 Acres

Construction Cost: $129 Million (Building and Site)

Project A/E Team: VMDO Architects, Ellerbe Beckett, Nitsch Engineering, PHRA Engineering, Biohabitats


* John Meaney was a Design Team Member and Project Manager as part of VMDO’s Landscape Studio; he acted as the project’s Project Manager and Construction Administrator while with Siteworks Studio.